"Is It Possible/Likely That Corus Group, Given Its Current Size Plus Independent Status, Could Succeed In The Global Steel Industry?"

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Running Head: GLOBAL STEEL INDUSTRYGlobal Steel Industry[The Writer's Name][The Name of the Institution]Contents1) INTRODUCTION2) INDUSTRY ANALYSISOVERVIEWPORTERS FIVE FORCESEXPLANATION OF EACH3) CORUS COMPETITIVE POSITION (SWOT ANALYSIS)OVERVIEWVALUE CURVES4) COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGESPROPOSAL 1PROPOSAL 2PROPOSAL 35) ACHIEVE/MAINTAIN COMPETITIVENESS6) CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION7) REFERENCE"Is it possible/likely that Corus Group, given its current size plus independent status, could succeed in the Global Steel Industry?"1) IntroductionSteel companies are gathering the challenge of change head-on. But, as capital intensive businesses competing in the globally traded sector, the majority would concur with the saying that 'change might have been alright once, but it has been going on for far too long'. Globalization is making modify ever more multifaceted (Abraham Berglurid, 2003). It's not just a question of given that spirited products. It's also a question of driving competitive processes.Unfortunately, there are no signs that the rapidity of vary will slow, or that the tapering complexities will ease As well as China's direct and indirect influences on our steel and manufacturing markets, there are ecological pressures, US protectionism, swap rates and the ten-country growth of the EU to transaction with This has been the prototype of the last ten years or so. It is a matter of steel companies having to adapt to national and international constraints as well as gathering competition at home and abroad (Philip G. Wright, 2004). It has also taken its toll on the industry's delegate bodies, plummeting membership numbers and hopeful organizations like UK Steel to seek ways improved to deliver what members require. They carry on working in partnership with other delegate bodies crossways the steel industry. For instance UK Steel has provided secretariat hold up to the British Metallurgical Plant Constructors' (Business Week, 2000).In this research I believe that our role as a catalyst is to help ease the path through change to revolution. We are previously one of the first steel sector bodies to attain a stronger service base during a combination which aligns the industry with its developed customer base (Business Week, 2000). There is little hesitation, for instance, that we were seen to speak with more power as an incorporated team representing steel companies and their customers, when we gave evidence to the Trade and Industry Select Committee's investigation into the UK steel industry in the summer. Here is a hard base on which to help build a more gainful future for our member companies and their stakeholders (Business Week, 2001). I want advance workings, effective combined ventures and multi-metal alignments. That is the way to help guarantee that UK manufacturing has a victorious and globe competitive steel provide capability into the future (Duncan Burn, 2002).2) Industry analysisAccording to the experts...

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