Is It Possible To Be A ‘Perfect Teacher’. Why/Why Not? In Your Answer, Please Refer To The Writing Of Britzman

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The contents of the debate concerning a “perfect teacher” lie not with the methodologies, strategies, or personalities of those teaching, but rather with the nature of perfection itself, and whether or not perfection can be achieved in any facet of life. In accordance with Britzman’s “Practice Makes Practice”, I will put forward an argument that undermines the possibility of a “perfect teacher” existing, and I will exemplify how the constant desire to reach perfection in our education systems could have a negative impact on the well being of our children, our teachers, and our societies. Britzman promptly dismisses any likelihood of a teacher achieving perfection, as the “structures of ...view middle of the document...

Student teachers are sacredly studying the various methodologies of teaching, but struggle to “understand how methodology can work against itself.” Teachers must not aim for the impossible, but adhere to the “given and the possible realities” instead of being consumed by the three myths that Britzman describes. Britzman encourages teachers to “acknowledge uncertainty” , and to discard the chip in their perfection-seeking shoulders in order embrace and “invite the possible.” For it is this perfectionist attitude that has deposited “pressure” on the teachers to become the experts, the absolute authorities and the impeccable teachers that they were “born” to be. This kind of Marxist human agency, of course, is unachievable in our education systems.
“If you look for perfection, you will never be content” – In my view, perfection is fuelled by the fear of failure. In a practical world, atychiphobia is a prominent fear for athletes, musicians and artists, all of whom understandably strive

for perfection, because their professions contain an element of competition, and the reverberations of failure can often lead to an abrupt halt in their careers. However, that being said, there is absolutely no place for such fear and “the discursive practice of self-blame” in our education system. It would be rather hypocritical for the teacher to break one’s neck whilst attempting to achieve perfection, because perfection would subsequently govern every aspect of their teaching lives. How can they tell when they have reached perfection as a teacher? Is it their ultimate goal for every child in their class to be ranked within the first percentile of a nationwide standardised test? Or, perhaps, is it simply their goal for their...

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