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Is It Possible To End World Poverty?

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Today we’re facing a big problem, it’s not a new one but an on-going one and it has been going on for decades. What is poverty? Poverty is the state of not being able to afford basic needs, in other words, it is the condition of being extremely poor. It is an issue which has troubled the nation for thousands of years. To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger is one of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Around 21,000 people die every day because of extreme hunger. If they don’t have money, they won’t be able to afford food, water and shelter. Therefore, they’re constantly malnourished, and get sick easily. This causes them to have less energy to work which causes them ...view middle of the document...

Children who grow up in poverty suffer more severe health problems. Many infants born in poverty usually have a low birth weight. Not only are they vulnerable to illness and diseases but they have a higher possibility of dying before they turn 1.

Poverty line also known as the poverty threshold is the minimum level of income needed to secure life necessities. The common international poverty line is roughly about $1 per day. According to a research from 23rd July 2012, the total percentage of world population that lives on less than $2.50 a day is around 50% which is around 3 billion people. The total number of people in developing countries with inadequate access to water was about 1.1 billion people. The ratio of people at poverty to wealthy level constantly changing. In 1820, the ratio was 3:1. In 1913, the ratio rose to 11:1 and in 1992, the ratio of people at poverty to wealthy level increased to 72:1. This proves that more and more people are getting poorer every year.

Global perspectives-
Some countries are more fortunate than others because they have more resources and they earn more money from that. Rich countries with a lot of resources are Qatar, Brunei and others.
President Barack Obama of the United States tried a few solutions to help improve poverty.
He started an Act that provides $2 billion new neighborhood stabilization funds which maintains the ailing neighborhoods and $1.5 billion in Homelessness Prevention funds which can keep people in their homes.
The Act that increases job training funds for those that need it most with $4 billion in additional funding for Workforce investment system.
President Obama expanded access to affordable homes and help Americans with low income to build up job skills to succeed in the work force.

National perspectives-
Poverty in Malaysia, which we have defined as living below Malaysia's poverty line, is a serious problem. Many accuse the government of using a very low poverty line in an effort to reduce the percentage of people that they classify as poor, but this does not actually solve anything except create a false illusion that portrays Malaysia as prosperous and wealthy. This is therefore a very big issue in Malaysia, with so many going through poverty and those fit to help them unaware of their plight.
The Malaysian government ran several schemes such as eKasih and 1Care that attempt to reduce the cost of living for those below the poverty line by subsidizing the cost of basic items such as food or giving them money outright. Other than that, they have also carried out First Malaysia Plan and the Second Malaysia Plan, which aimed to increase the standard of living in rural areas and developing new industries like the palm oil industry and the timber industry.These plans were in fact successful at first, but was not very effective because there were not enough funds. The funds were also insufficient to stop rural-urban migration, where people living in rural areas are...

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