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Is It Possible To Have An Inclusive Society? Essay

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Imagine that, where ever you go people look at you differently, you feel left out and not included in the society. This is how many Indigenous Australians have feel on a daily basis. The past has shown unfair advantages for non-Indigenous people but recently our country has gradually made progress in evolving relations with the Indigenous Australians. An inclusive society is possible because of the government funding and organisations have been created to equalise the opportunities in education and health for Aboriginals and Torrens Strait Islanders, but Australia isn?t finished. It will take time for Australia to fix the harm caused by our ancestors, but we are making progress to become an inclusive society.

As everyone knows, education is significantly important in ensuring people are able to have a happy and successful future. Unfortunately, European education has failed our Indigenous students in the past. The Indigenous Australians had their own way to teach their children before the English invaders came in1788; Aboriginals would educate their youth about hunting, respect and greed through story telling, dreamtime, showing and learning by experience. The English brought their own brand of education with them, and it was completely different to how the Indigenous Culture believed their children should be educated. In 1872, the first education law was passed in Victoria. This act set up central public schools but, unfortunately, Indigenous children were not allowed to attend. The first attempt to educate aboriginal children was in 1790. Indigenous students have been enrolled in Australian Government Schools from as early as the 1870?s. ?By 1882, 200 Indigenous students were enrolled in either a Government or Mission schools.? Since then, the results of Indigenous students have gradually improved with 10% of Aboriginal students graduating year 12 in 2015. In 1821, an Aboriginal student received top marks, ahead of all non-indigenous students, at The Native Institution and Sunday School.? In 1999, the attendance rates were really low with 35% of students between year 7 to year 12. In 2009 45% of Aboriginal students attended school, this has improved, in 2009, there was 45% of Aboriginal students attending school and then 55% in 2013?. Organisation, campaigns and laws have now been made to help Aboriginal students get and equal education that can help them succeed in the future.

The Australian Education Departments are ensuring all students, whether indigenous or not receive equal opportunities. Currently, there is a gap; however, this is slowing closing due to the support of the Australian government and other significant campaigns. One of these is?Close The Gap Campaign, as the name suggests, this project?targets equality between Indigenous and non-indigenous children. This campaign helps fight for equal rights and opportunities for the Indigenous Australian. They aim to create a National Indigenous Reform Agreement which will commit...

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