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Is It Real Or Fake Essay

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Schizophrenia: a disorder with impairments to reality, disturbances of perception and false thoughts such as hallucinations, delusions, stimuli (hearing voices) and seeing things that are not there (B, Dave). It is a disorder without a preference that has no logical explanation. Although signs of having schizophrenia commonly show itself in early adolescents, it can affect anyone no matter race, age or gender at any time in their life. Throughout the world one percent of today’s population suffer from schizophrenia, approximately 3.3 million are Americans and 0 have ever been cured. There are multiple medications that can help keep schizophrenia under control but it is still ...view middle of the document...

Not having concrete factors makes diagnosing schizophrenia one of the hardest disorders to diagnose because there is not a lab test that can determine it. All diagnosing is typically from the clinical history of the family and symptoms of a patient.
The symptoms of schizophrenia vary. Many times outbreaks happen randomly, some more server than others. There are 4 huge symptoms of a schizophrenic. The first one is hallucinations, which is a sensing of things that seem to be real but are not actually there, but instead created by the mind (Board, A.D.A.M). Often times this is one of the very first and most important symptom in determining schizophrenic. Next is delusions and that is a fixed belief that is completely false (What Is Delusion). With hallucinations usually comes delusions. Then there are disorganized speech and disorganized behavior. Disorganized speech can be described as a word salad (words scrambled into one sentence, and said at one time). Often sentences will have no structure and do not make sense (Smith, Melinda). An example would be (hi big tool sea night sunrise can I?) This is because the brain is having multiple thoughts at one time and because a schizophrenic cannot distinguish if things are real or fake and in their mind the sentence makes complete since. Disorganized behavior is similar to disorganized speech but in a physical way. Schizophrenics will do many bizarre things (Smith, Melinda). They may act really crazy in public and will not stop until they satisfy the voices in their head. It is really hard to calm a...

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