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Is It Really A Pretty Face?

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Today, young people watching TV, surfing the internet or visiting public areas like malls, outlets and plazas are constantly exposed to posters, pictures or videos featuring people with seemingly perfect faces, perfect bodies and perfect complexions. Young children and even toddlers and babies are exposed to cartoon characters with pretty symmetrical faces with beautiful albeit disproportional bodies that are humanly impossible, voluptuous curves and with extremely slender waists.
With Images of beauty abound in our society, parents need to not only acknowledge the fact that the images are everywhere and to explain to their children the importance of physical appearance in our society. ...view middle of the document...

A child with naturally good looks is going to have to learn to use it to advantage without becoming manipulative and self-centered. Therefore if a child is informed earlier on in life, things like eating disorders, suicide and etc., could possibly be prevented.
Physical appearance can also influence the work place and it is called, “The halo effect” it’s when people take a psychological shortcut and assume if a person is good looking, they also think that, that person must share the positive attributes with being good looking. For example, a worker with an average appearance competing at the work place with another worker that is deemed attractive and they have the same abilities, the boss or interviewer would most likely think that the attractive person is more talented because of the “halo effect.”
It’s also even been statistically proven that attractive individuals have a likely chance to get farther in life.. “According to Daniel Hamermesh, an economist who spent two decades researching the financial effects of being a hottie, the top third of attractive men earn 4 percent more than intellectually similar (but average-looking) men. The ugliest guys make 13 percent less. For the typical worker that would add up to $230,000 ‘beauty premium’ over a career” (Derek). Also more attractive people are hired during the economic hard times. “Some studies have shown that attractive people are more likely to be hired in a recession” (Tucker).
Physical appearance can boost self-esteem because if a person knows they are attractive, they will project a more positive image about themselves, it can also contribute to their mental health and might can even help them lead a happier life which can lead to a longer life because of lower stress levels.
Another consequence of parent’s telling their children the importance of good looks is that the kid’s themselves might even misinterpret the message and think that good looks must be achieved at all costs. “According to, “almost half of...

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