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Is It Right? Is It Wrong?

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Women are affected by violence in many ways. Specifically, rape and sexual harassment are some causes as to why there are women afraid to walk alone in the dark or go for a run in the park by themselves. Men take advantage of their power over women by placing them in a state of fear, which makes it difficult for a woman to fight back. As a result, there are many rape and sexual harassment cases that are not reported because women are perceived as problems that need to be solved and not as victims. After all, rape and sexual harassment are very personal to women so speaking up about violence would be challenging. Living in fear will not defend your body. However, a woman should not have to ...view middle of the document...

In the end there were 18 convictions—less than 1 percent of all the complaints.” (Flora Davis, Moving the Mountain; The Women’s Movement in America Since 1960: Chapter 15, Violence Against Women, pg.311). From 2415 rapes to ONLY 18 convictions was a troubling statistic. I could not begin to imagine the fear and anxiety these women had when trying to do the right thing. Women are trying to fight for the rights of their own bodies once again. Today, I believe that the conviction rates are still low because it costs the government money, women do not talk about it, and most rapists walk free without any legal action. It frustrates me to know that such a crime can occur to women and so little be done about it. Personally knowing someone who went through a terrible time with abuse and rape makes matters worse. The women of this crime will live with it forever because it disturbs them physically and mentally. The government is not on our side when it comes to sexual abuse and it causes women to take their own approach to preventing rape against them.
Girls are taught to be delicate and very passive when they start to become a woman. But when your body is being taken from you, you should be taught to fight back, right? “There are several reasons why I wanted to learn the art of self-defense. The most important reasons were: 1) In the society we live in today I feel a great need for women to be strong: 2) Karate and kata (dance forms) are really most beautiful and exciting. I feel I am getting stronger, and I feel all women should get strong and learn how to fight.” (Rosalyn Baxandall and Linda Gordon, Dear Sisters: Dispatches from the Women’s Liberation Movement: Karate As Self-Defense for Women, Susan Pascale, Rachel Moon, and Leslies Tanner, pg.208). I really enjoyed this reading because it showed how these two women wanted to get stronger for themselves. They weren’t doing it because of a man; they wanted to become physically strong to protect themselves. The men in the class discriminated against these women, because they were looked at as unfeminine. Is physical strength and self-defense only a man’s prerogative? Women should not feel devastated or self-conscious when wanting to pursue something that will help protect her life. It doesn’t always have to be a man who saves a woman from trouble. Some of the women that...

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