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Is It Self Or Not Self, And Does It Matter?

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While it is easy to assume that there is a self, I ask you to consider the following self witnessed scenario.

The situation witnessed involved me coming home at rush hour over the Verranzano Bridge, which connects Brooklyn to Staten Island. Eighteen toll booths ferry cars to merge into three lanes of traffic, in what can best be described as a dystopian nightmare. A shiny new black Mercedes Benz SUV cuts off an oxidized red painted subcompact with rusted bumpers and bald tires.

The offended driver, stops his car and runs over to the SUV’s driver side. He proceeds to bang on his windshield and grab the door handle, screaming for the driver to get out and fight. The driver tries to get ...view middle of the document...

Mr. Wright states that alcohol can artificially increase serotonin. High levels of serotonin are seen in alpha primates.

What alcohol does also do is disrupt by blunting the natural serotonin system of the body, leading to lack of serotonin if no alcohol is available.(1) Low serotonin is believed is implicated in Intermittent Explosive Disorder and Type 11 alcoholism ( the mean drunk). Forensic Pyschiatrist tested those who had been arrested for homicide or attempted homicide. 75 precent of those whose crimes were of an explosive ( defined as no premeditation and perpetrated on a stranger) tested low for 5-HIAA, a metabolite of serotonin metabolism. (2).

With the above in mind, one could ask if a self exists, or are we a combination of an internal and external biochemical effluent? Buddhist doctrine would say that the aggressor is attempting to annihilate self. The urge to live and the urge to die exists as two sides of the same coin and both are an ego illusion. ( self love and self hate). (3) Interpretation of that belief would assume a non self.
On the other hand, the existence of self is revealed in oddities that are personal phenomena.. ...

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