"Is It True That In The Uk, The Legislature Increases Power Of Pm, While In The Usa, The Legislature Decreases Power Of President?"

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Essay Question: Is it true that in the UK, the legislature increases power of PM, while in the USA, the legislature decreases power of President?It is said that Parliamentary government in the UK gives the Prime-Minister more power than US Presidential system gives to the President. Is it true that domestically the Prime Minister is more powerful and influential on executive and legislature branches than the US President? In order to identify that, this essay will discuss and compare the UK and the US legislature and position of each "chief executives" in the main areas of these governments such as elections, constitutional privilege, passing legislature, party system and international affairs.Before answering to the question, it is essential to define a term "power". According to Keith Dowding(1991), 'social power' is "the ability of an actor deliberately to change the incentive structure of another actor or actors to get desirable outcomes". In other words, a power of an authority can be evaluated by its' effectiveness of setting costs and benefits of actions on citizens and officials. It will be covered later how the Prime-Minister can affect the incentives of its MPs in order to maintain the power. Steven Lukes'(1974) in his theory of "three faces of power" states that power of an "actor" can be exercised and expressed in three ways: by shaping, influencing and determining a will of another "actor" or "actors" (Lukes, Steven. Power: A Radical View. London: Macmillan Press, 1974. p. 25). However, this theory doesn't explain why one maintains more power than others. Which is better explained in resource-dependency ideas of Martin Smith.(2009) He highlights the importance of relationship of maintaining and exercising power by "negotiating, compromising and bargaining". (Hague R., Harrop M., Comparative Government and Politics, 8th edition , 2010,p.11) This concept is mostly used by the US President to exercise his power, while The UK Prime Minister uses another method (Watts D., Understanding US/UK Government and Politics, 2nd edition,p.78) This should be analysed while comparing powers of these two political figures, starting with elections.Elections is the first step for both "heads of government" to come in power. As relationship method used in the US it requires a lot of time and money. The President has a fixed term and constitutionally he/she cannot be removed from office, unless the Cabinet declares him/ her as "unable to discharge his or her duties" as a consequence of impeachment or illness he/she will have to resign.The Prime-Minister is not directly elected, he is appointed by the Electoral College (Lowe C. Et al, 2010, Politics, Pearson, p.20-23) . There is no time limitation, unless a "vote of no confidence" for the Prime-Minister passes the Parliament. In fact the Prime-Minister has more advantage than the President in this area as he/she has exclusive "power of dissolution", which gives him/her the right to ask the Queen for a...

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