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Is It True That Justice Is A Good ? And If So, Does It Mean That We Have Good Reasons To Act Justly?

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And if so, does it mean that we have good reasons to act justly? In formulating your answer, you should consider Thrasymachus's argument in Book I, and the story of Gyges's ring in Book II.BEING JUST OR UNJUSTJustice is one of the most important concept in people's life. It has been argued by many people and philosophers but however it is not exactly clear that what justice is and what the reality of injustice demand of us. Besides, In ''the Republic'' ; many philosophers tried to find the definition of justice and they wanted to learn why justice is always considered as a good and in what senses justice can be good for the people. According to Socrates, ''justice is something desirable'' ...view middle of the document...

Glaucon and the rest would like to Socrates to prove is that justice is not only desirable, but that it belongs to the highest class of desirable things: both for their own sake and their consequences. Glaucon points out that most people class justice among the first group. They view justice as a neccessary evil. We only suffer under the burden of justice because we know we will suffer without justice. Justice is not something practiced for its own sake but something one engages in out of fear and weakness. When people are just, they always think the consequences of the events. They think what they will get from the justice. People are generally selfish and they think to make benefit from everything they also want to get benefit from the justice.I will explain my premises which support my thesis and I will explain my thesis in two parts which ı have to defend each part with a seperate argument. My first premise is related to make benefit from justice. People are just because to behave justly gives people some benefit. When you are just, you make people happy and to make people happy also makes you happy. For example: Let's think a man which is unjust and make an unjust actions which he can make robbering or some kind of other actions. I think that this person can not provide somebody any benefit. However, he can harm people with doing an unjust actions. He can spend someone's money recklessly or he can rob a bank. When people use other people's property or rights unjustly, nobody benefits from it. Like Socrates says that unjust people can not be beneficial than just people because they don't provide any benefit. In ''the Republic'', Socrates says that '' each craft benfits us in its own peculiar way, different from others.'' (Plato, the Republic, 346a). For instance, medicine gives us health or wage-earning gives us wage. As you see, every craft has some benefits on people's life and people also try to utily from the benefits. I want to say that one of the reason that people are just to make profit or benefit from the events. For example: Let's think a family that every family wants from their children to graduate from his school and to find a good job and they also want from his children to be just, useful and good person. When children don't do their family's wishes and she does not want to go to school and he is pleasure of spending family's money recklessly. In this situation, family thaink that they will make benefit form his children but when children use this chance badly family don't make any benefit from this event.Now, one may object here and say that children can behave unjustly and the family can benefit from the situation. When he family knows that their children don't make any unjust actions and when they know that the child wants to be independent from his family and he wants to be useful for the society and he also wants to make a carreer about his job. His family will be happy and they will say that their child is...

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