Is It Worth Waiting For Cryogenics

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Do an English Paper on a Biology topic and hand it in to two classes. Or just use this one. -Imagine being frozen in time to escape a deadly illness, then getting warmedwhen a cure is found. There is question on whether cryogenic methods should beused. To fully understand cryogenics a knowledge of cold, background information onsome branches of cryogenics, some problems with cryopresevation, and differentpeoples views towards cryogenics is needed."Cold is usually considered hostile to mankind. Most people hate cold and withreasons." If not careful, cold can be deadly to animal and human life, but it can alsohelp cure, because cold bodies perform functions slower (Kavaler 16-17).Measurement of temperature is extremely important in cryogenics and the temperaturesmust be exact. The standard for scientific temperature measurement is the Kelvinscale. On the Kelvin scale absolute zero has a value of zero degrees on thethermometer. In theory no substance can be lowered to or below zero degrees Kelvinor absolute zero. Temperatures in cryobiology range from zero degrees Celsius--waterfreezes--to just above negative two hundred and seventy three point sixteen degreesCelsius--absolute zero. The word "Cryogenics" comes from the Greek word "kryos"meaning cold ("Cryogenics" Raintree 127, Kavaler 16). The science of cryobiology wasfirst recognized in the early nineteen sixties. Cryobiology is the study of the effects ofextremely low temperatures on living animals and plants. The chief concern incryobiology is to preserve living matter for future use. This method can also be calledcryopreservation. Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold in treatment. The first trialsof cryotherapy proved with great results ("Cryobiology" Comptons 1, McGrady 97).Frozen cells can be kept alive for very long periods of time in a state of"suspended animation." Almost immediately after rapid thawing, the frozen cells regainnormal activity. Cooling of the body causes a loss of feeling, therefore it can be usedas anesthesia in surgery. Since certain drugs don't affect healthy cells at lowtemperatures, the drugs can be safely used against cancerous tumors in the body.Cryogenics also helps in the preservation and storage of human tissues. Tissues suchas eye corneas, skin, and blood that were rapidly frozen can be stored in "banks" forlater use. Then skin can be grafted to burn victims and eye corneas can replacedamaged ones. Thanks to Cryobiology blood can be frozen and stored for indefinitelyfor many years as opposed to only three weeks as it was before cryogenic technologywas used. Surgeons can use a cryoscapel, freezing tips, to deaden or destroy tissuewith great accuracy and little bloodshed ("Cryogenics" Academic 350, "Cryobiology"World Book 929)....

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