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Is It Worth To Increase The Use Of Nuclear Power In China?

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Nuclear power is a technology invented during the World War II, which is the use of exothermic nuclear processes(Texas State Energy Conservation Office, 2010). In China, over 80% of electricity production was generated by coal, while only 1.9% was created by nuclear (Hou et al, 2009). By using coal power as an energy source, the huge amount of greenhouse gases emitted has aggravated the problem of global warming. Nuclear power then becomes one of the ways to tackle this problem of global warming which raise by coal power. However, the Fukushima nuclear accident had also risen the concern of the safety of nuclear power. Therefore it was argued that the worthiness of increasing the use of nuclear power in China. This essay holds the view that it is worth that China start enphasizing nuclear power.
Compare to fossil fuel, the major benefit of nuclear power is the lower amount of greenhouse ...view middle of the document...

Coal has been an main energy sources in China which leads to an over use of coal, increase the use of nuclear power can help solve this problem.
It is often argued that low risk clean energy like wind power and solar power are better than nuclear power. Using nuclear power may takes a higher risk on safty. However, compare to the other clean energy another benefit of nuclear power is the amount of energy provided which can overcome the risk. Harold (2009) point out that nuclear power provide constant electricity compare to wind or solar power, most of the clean energy count on the weather , for example wind power cannot provide energy if there are no wind, solar power cannot provide energy in rainy days but nuclear power can provide constant electricity only by the reactor.
Harold (2009) further explains that compare to the land required, nuclear power is much more efficient than other clean energy. Solar and wind energy required to have a large area to build the reciever like the windmill and the solar board only creating a few energy, but for nuclear power, plenty of energy can be created by the same land.
After the disaster that occurred in a nuclear power plant in Fukushima, the safety problem of nuclear power has again been raised. However, the reason of the disaster is due to earthquake. The nuclear reactors is completely fine, so China can consider to build the nuclear reactor away from earthquake area so that the same disaster will not appear. There is another case in Russia which in 1986 one of the reactor in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant has been exploded and become an disaster. However, this case is far in the past. Nowadays by the develop of the technology, the protection of radiation is increased the reactor will not easily exploded and would not easily leak out (Wang, 2013). By avoiding earthquake area and the developing technology on protection, the risk of nuclear power on safety had been decreased and makes nuclear power become more worthy to make use of.

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