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Is It Wrong To Not Donate

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We often hear about people’s desire to solve the world hunger and poverty problem. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, there are nearly 870 million people of the 7.1 billion people in the world were undernourished. People in developing countries are suffering from different diseases and hunger while people who live in developed countries can enjoy a cup of coffee in every single morning or even consume different luxury goods. Therefore, in the article “The Life You Can Save” philosopher Peter Singer argues that not donating the extraneous income that we receive to people who are in need is an immoral action; people should endeavor to give their hands to the poor. In this paper, I will argue against Singer’s solution to world poverty as sometimes we are not living up to moral obligation and it may change due to experiences.
Firstly, according to Singer’s second premise it is necessary to sacrifices if something is not really important to us in order to help others or preventing bad things from happening. He uses the example of a drowning child to further prove his point. People should put our shoes into other’s shoes such as imagining we are the child’s parents, will we still hesitate to save him? No, we will for sure do everything to rescue him without thinking of the consequences. Thus, he believes that there is a moral obligation to help the little boy because of the Golden Rule that he brings out. I would agree that people should do their possible to help others in need or in danger if there is no harm to us as the importance of saving a child outweighs the cost of getting our shoes wet and being late for work. We should “do unto others as we would have them do unto you”. However, I found that his claim is not always right as I think that obligations may differ due to different situations. If I am the only person who could save the life of the child, then there is no excuse for me not to save him. What if there are more than ten people there observing the kid? At this point, it is make sense that people may step back and not to do anything since we may think that someone else may take over our responsibility and rescue the child faster than us. It indicates that normally people tend to have fewer incentives to help whenever there are people there who could be helping; even people are actually able to take the action without considering other factors. On the other hand, in the case of Bob and the Bugatti, the loss of Bob’s Bugatti would not have been as great as the loss of a child’s life in Singer’s view. However, I do not think that his action is totally immoral as there is nothing wrong to save his Bugatti for a comfortable and enjoyable retirement. Also, there might be a risk that Bob may get hurt by throwing the switch. We never know the consequences and which option will do most for the greater good in...

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