Is Killing Animals For Food Morally Right? Enc 1101 Essay

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Killing Animals for Food is Morally Wrong
Killing animals for food is morally wrong. First, killing animals for food is morally wrong because during their stay at the processing plant the animals suffer. We suffer when we are grieving the loss of a family member or a close friend. People who fear pain are more likely to suffer from it. When you stub your toe, or cut yourself we suffer from pain. When we are not treated with respect we suffer emotionally. However, animals suffer from being cooped up in small dark cages with hundreds of other animals. Animals suffer when their legs are being broken or they are being shocked before being killed. Animals suffer from pain when they are being tortured with beating. This type of suffering is morally wrong. More importantly, killing animals for food is morally wrong because when the animals are killed, it is done inhumanely. As humans, we need to have clean clothes and living spaces. We need to have a clean environment. We need have fresh air. We need places to exercise. We need our work places to be well lighted. However, in a processing plant, animals are put into cages with dozens of other animals. They live in dark...

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