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Is Late Pregnancy Good? Essay

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People have different ideas about when to get pregnant. Some of them want to get pregnant soon, and some want to get pregnant late. People may believe that getting pregnant at an old age, which is 40 and up for a women is good but not everyone is agree with this idea. Getting pregnant has its own difficulties, and taking care of the baby increases this difficulties. How do you feel when you are just 20 years old and young and your mother is 60 years old? Do you think she can spend time with you and enjoy what you enjoy? Can you easily talk to her and expect her to understand everything? The answers to these questions are obvious. Children need a mother who spend time with them and understand them. Late pregnancy can bring physical and mental issues, dangers and suffers for both mother and the baby.
Firstly, getting pregnant at late age compare it to the early age can bring many problems, and it can be dangerous for both mother and the baby. Most of the mothers with syndrome down babies are not young. Evidences show that women are likely to lose their power of getting pregnant every year after they get 30. The chromosomes of the baby in mothers belly may stick together when they supposed to take apart. In an age they cannot get pregnant at all, but still with some medical techniques they can be pregnant. Getting pregnant by these technologies has its own harms and dangers too. Scientists prove that the best age for pregnancy is 20 to 30. When women get pregnant at late age they may not have the potential to give birth to the baby because their bodies are not as strong as before.
Secondly, late pregnancy can bring many serious psychosocial issues to the mother and the baby. When women get pregnant at late age they may get overweight and they may not feel the potential to attempt to lose weight; consequently, they may face heart issues and high blood pressure during and after their pregnancy. Researchers in UCLA discovered that late pregnancy increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases in mothers (Pregnancy Later in Life Increases Risk of Heart Attacks). Late pregnancy can suffer both mother and the baby. Old mothers after pregnancy may feel they are too old for being a mother and taking care of the baby. Old mothers may have a serious depression during and after their pregnancy which affect the baby too. I had an interview with Zahra Amirhasani, an old mother, and she said, “I always had the bad feeling that something will happen to...

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