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Is Love Good Or Evil? Essay

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Is Love Good or Evil?

Love is an emotion we all experience in our lives. The feeling is
amazing for most people and not so wonderful for others. As I searched
for the word love in the dictionary, the definition explained it to be a
strong affection and warm attachment for another person. I believe the
word love has a more intense and deeper meaning than any dictionary is
able to represent. It does little to define what love is beyond the
eyes of the person who actually experiences it. A person that is
familiar with the term learns the emotions and feelings that develops
throughout the relationship. A dictionary definition is unable to
explain the true meaning of love. This is why it is my duty to clarify
what love is, or in some cases, what love is not.
Now I am not trying to state all of the meanings for the word.
There is unconditional love that a parent would have for a child or the
love we share with our animals. There is even the love for our prized
possessions, but the love I wish to explain is shared between a man and
a woman. Many individuals search for this type of love. These people
come together and begin a relationship. Some relationships last and
others fade away.
This type of love is thought to be the candy, flowers, or even
cards we receive on Valentine’s Day. Many times it is based on physical
enjoyment. It is represented in various films such as the popular
Titanic. It is expressed in numerous novels where the author leads us
to believe the attractive man falls in love with the stunning woman at
the first glance, and they live happily ever after. What would be the
meaning of music without this emotion? There are not many songs that do
not relate to love. Love seems to bring out the pleasure and laughter
inside of us. We use it to make us happy, but is it all that it is
cracked up to be?
As a person who desires this romance, I could never see living my
life without it. I have always wanted to be in love, and I constantly
wished for it in return. I long to spend the rest of my life with
somebody. As time passes by and I become older, I come to realize how
in some cases a person who is in love is supposed to feel wonderful, but
in the end just winds up being more lost and confused than she started
out to be.
I was caught up into the confusion myself. While in a
relationship, I began being the person my boyfriend wanted me to be and
hid the person that I really am. It resulted in more pain than it did
in happiness. He seemed to be content with the situation, but was it
because I did everything to make him happy or was he really in love? I
was convinced I knew what love was. I felt the weak knees and the need
to rush the relationship, but I was mistaken by the wrong feelings. It
does not always bring pleasure and laughter...

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