Is Media Bad For Democracy? Essay

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Today, Americans are evenly divided over if media is bad for democracy or if it promotes democracy. Therefore, statistically media is not good or no bad is in the middle based on the public viewing, but do researchers prove that media is in the middle? Therefore I take my stands to prove that media is bad for democracy using research and data which is provided by various sources.
According to the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary democracy is an organization or situation in which everyone is treated equally and has equal rights. We then ask ourselves how often the media promote us to have equal rights or if they allow us to make our own decisions. In America media is in many forms. You have ...view middle of the document...

The television tells us some things but not everything it feeds us only so much in which we can make a fully right decision. They state that people lack interest due to political first time exposure to media. Media blurs the truth for convenience of “opinions”, they distracts attention from real policy; to focus on personality. How could this help the growth of democracy if the mainstream is feeding viewer’s misguided information? This shows that only what they want us to know we will and we then will proceed to do what they say which will not be equality. They say this form of media will increase practical knowledge but this practical knowledge will only be practical, knowledge that will effect what they think and believe.

Over 70 percent of Americans believe that there is a great deal or a fair amount of media bias in the news coverage, but it presented in plain sight so people can avoid it. In Presidential Elections there are three different type of bias. Gatekeeping bias, coverage bias, and statement bias. These biases are in such an informal way that it’s almost impossible to detect this bias. Writers take out and put in whatever they want to and change it up to suite them. This sways the public to the left or to the right. This therefore makes decision of the public based of false news, in which the public don’t even notice what the effects it has. Fox news affects the political process in a major way. Fox news is a largely viewed cross the nation that aims for; fast expansion, geographical differentiation, increase in audience and conservative slant in its coverage. This station aims...

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