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If one sees a poster featuring a group of people, actors or athletes, with white moustaches, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the Got Milk? slogan will make an appearance. Milk is on the MyPlate recommendations for a reason. Milk belongs on the plates of students everywhere for a few reasons; Milk provides many beneficial nutrients to both students and adults alike. Milk is necessary for vital growth and development. Some people don’t feel that milk is an ideal fit for everyone, or even necessary; I however, am not one of them.
For years, milk has been a major part of everyone’s diets. Milk features three important nutrients: calcium, potassium, and vitamin D. Calcium is ...view middle of the document...

According to Robert Heaney, MD, in an article published on, calcium from soymilk is not absorbed at the same rate as calcium from traditional cow’s milk, rather at only 75%. Although these nontraditional beverages are calcium fortified, they do not always provide a calcium comparable in physical properties or in the ability to be absorbed (“Do Milk Alternatives like…”).
Many people agree that the biggest selling point of milk is the amount of protein, compared to the proteins found in alternatives like soy milk and rice milk. Milk alternatives do have their place. According to Jackie Newgent, registered dietician, in her article, “Are Dairy Alternatives Good For Your Bones?,” soy milk has an advantage over dairy for women, as it contains soy isoflavones, or phytoestrogens, which show promise in the slowing of bone loss attributed to decreasing estrogen levels brought on by menopause. Milk originating from a cow, does not have these chemicals, because they are found only in soy-based products (
Dairy milk has many benefits, but the most exciting benefit, especially for those who are dieting, is contradictory. Is it possible that the fat in dairy products, whole especially, is not the dietary disruption it has been made out to be? Opposite of what one would think to happen, people weigh less when eating full fat dairy compared to those who eat low fat or fat free. Whole milk products are more likely to satisfy people compared to those products with the fat removed. While whole fat products are higher in saturated fats, they can result in a weight loss that people may be unable to find by consuming meal alternatives like Herbalife...

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