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Is Money Often The Motivator? Essay

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IntroductionAll people have needs. A need is something people require. Satisfaction is the condition of need fulfillment, such as when a hungry person eats or when a person driven by the desire for success finally achieves that goal. Motivation is the attempt to satisfy a need.(Alan M.,2001) As we know, motivation is the general term for all the process involved in a person's intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal.(S Robbins, 2004) Money makes world go around, and nowhere is more true than in the workplace. Employers know that money is often the best motivator. However, are bonus or cash rewards always to reward employees in all cases? This Essay will explore to study using hierarchy of need theory, ERG theory, expectation and equity theory and how to bring it utilizing in real world more effective.1. Money as a motivator to fulfill need from low-level to high level1.1 Maslow's hierarchy of need theoryAbraham Maslow was a psychologist who, over a number of years, developed and refined a general theory of human motivation. According to Maslow, human have five sets of needs that are arranged in a hierarchy beginning with the most basic and compelling needs which include: Physiological needs, safety needs, Belonging needs, Esteem needs and Self-actualization needs. Physiological and safety needs were described as lower-order needs and social, esteem and self-actualization needs are belonging to higher-need.(S Robbins ,2004)1.2 Money used as motivator to fulfill individual low-lever needMaslow theorized that people seek to satisfy needs at the lowest level of the hierarchy before trying to satisfy needs on the next-higher lever.(S Robbins,2004) Migrant people from rural area rush in Southern China's Pearl River Delta and East China's Yangtze River Delta to pursue better life and payoff. Why they left their hometown the reason is because they are looking for low-order needs to fulfill. Given the fact that individuals may harbour these needs, in what sense do they form the basis of a theory of motivation, that is, what exactly is the motivational premise of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Put simple, the lowest-level unsatisfied need catelogy has the greatest motivating potential. Individual who are in the lower-level need categories (physiological, safety and belongs) seem to be the most susceptible to extrinsic motivation, its exact from corresponding to the need that is most pressing.(Raymond G.1955) Observe that money and money substitutes figure heavily here.1.3 High-lever need can't be fully fulfilled only using moneyHowever as individuals progress up the hierarchy higher order needs (Esteem and Self-actualization)(S Robbins, 2004) In shanghai today, many unemployed people prefer to stay at home than working as dustmen or cargador (Richard li, 2005) they calmed there's no neat working clothes to wear , no professional tool to use in term of saving strength even no basic pre-work training that show no respect from...

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