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Is Music Killing Humanity? Essay

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The music industry is one of the most powerful and influential method that sends subliminal messages to influence people’s poor decisions; Today’s music has captured the attention of adolescents and the younger generation more than ever before by glamorizing all the negative aspects. Although, music can be soothing and relaxing, many teenagers are mostly impacted by the powerful lyrics that are sung by their idols. Consequently, many teenagers throughout America are following their role models and are developing serious destructive behaviors that cause bodily harm to themselves. Sadly, the younger generation does not understand the negative messages that are clearly being exposed throughout our society. Music should be inspiring and motivating, yet I completely agree that the music industry has negatively influence and manipulated adolescents and young adults by exposing and glamorizing sex, drugs, and alcohol.
The music industry is often associated with promoting sexual content such as, messages, images, sexuality, and ideas about sex in today’s music. According to the article “Sex and the Media,” they describe how “Music videos may be especially influential sources of sexual information for adolescents because they combine visuals of adolescents' favorite musicians with the music, and many of the visual elements are sexual.” For example, Katy Perry suggests lesbian tendencies in her song “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It.” As a result, many young girls started to become curious about having sexual relations with other females; however, sex is no stranger to the music industry because it happens so often that hardly anyone notices it anymore. In other words, it was perfectly summarized by the article “Sex and the Music Industry” when Tucker says, “sex is so obviously used to sell music.”
Moreover, music, videos and images motivate teenagers to become more explicit; therefore, furthering them to rebel and engage in premarital sex, which can spread diseases like HIV and AIDS. For instance, a fun night at the club can build up excitement with another individual that may end up deadly in the long run. Besides, is a one night stand worth possibly getting any type of sexually transmitted disease? Certainly one of my friends did not think so after a “fun” and “exciting” night at the club. One night my friend ended up going to a club, but she ended up drinking all night because “the mood was right,” she felt the music controlling the environment with massive amounts of energy and with plenty of shots being passed around. She obviously attracted a “hot!” guy with her seducing and drunk dance moves and a one night stand sounded appealing to her, so they ended up leaving together and she woke up on his bed the next morning. It appeared that she was wearing her “drunk googles” the night before because let me just say he did not look like prince charming that morning, but she was horrified when she could not find a condom anywhere. Consequently, It was her...

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