Is My Bachelor’s Degree Any Good?

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Is my Bachelor’s Degree Any Good?
Now what do I do with this degree that I have stressed, cried and pulled all of my hair out over? I wanted to give up so many times but I pushed through and got my bachelor’s degree. Now, it seems as if I may have gone through all of the mayhem for nothing! Once looked upon as the crowning jewel of an educated and anxious employable adult, the bachelor's degree seems to be losing its power. My question is what happened? Is the economy that bad to where we have succumbed to this? In all actuality, there are degrees that take way less time to complete and are way more of value now than a bachelor’s degree. Employers are now looking at certifications and 2 ...view middle of the document...

Now the issue becomes, now that I have my degree, is my field of study going to pay off? “Not all bachelors are equal. In many communities around the country, the bachelor's is not enough to make you stand out” (Hagedon). It seems to be noted that in these times, if you get a bachelor’s degree, it depends on what major or field of study the degree is in as to its value. I have learned that graduates who did major in education and teaching or engineering are nine times out of 10 much more likely to find a job requiring a bachelor’s degree or higher than maybe some of degrees. That is astonishing.
In doing my research, according to a one article I found, has the value of a college degree changed in recent years? “The median starting salary for students graduating from four-year colleges in 2009 and 2010 was $27,000 a year” (Cafferty). In doing the math, that is about 10% lower than what those who skipped college and went right into the working America in the years 2006 through 2008. In a different study researched, I found only about 45% of college graduates under the age of 25 are working a job that actually requires a college degree, but that number varies from major to major. And to add to that fact, half of those jobs are at McDonalds, or other fast food restaurants. As Anthony Carnevale comments “it used to be that just even getting a bachelor’s degree made you employable”.
But wait, let me note this; Bachelor's degree-holders may earn 66 % more than high school graduates and 35 % more than people with two-year degrees, and that for every bachelor's degree-holder earning a salary more than $54,000 a year, there are postal workers, taxicab drivers, bartenders, parking lot attendants and other workers with a bachelor's earning less. Indeed, almost 16 percent of U.S. bartenders and almost 14 percent of its parking lot attendants have a bachelor's degree or higher. All of this is co-signing the debate over whether a college degree is really worth it now in this economy. Over the past 20 years or so, tuition and fees at public universities have sky-rocketed nearly 130%. Charles Murray sums it all up when he notes” The residential college leading to a bachelor’s degree at the end of the four years works fine for children of parents who have plenty of money”(Murray566). Ok, but what about the “common” people? If this is the case, why are the colleges not looking at this and saying, ok maybe we need to lower the costs a bit due to the fact that our graduates are not finding jobs when the graduate? Real income for the middle working class has actually dropped. The latest figures indicate that the average median household income in the U.S. is $400.00 lower than it was in 1988. With unemployment among college graduates at historic and astonishing highs and outstanding student-loan debt at over $1 trillion, the question families should be asking is whether it's worth borrowing tens of thousands of dollars for a degree to attend The University of...

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