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The author of the poem “Is My Team Plowing” Alfred Edward Housman also known as A.E. Housman was born in Worcestershire, England on March 26, 1859 and died in 1936 of cancer. He was the oldest of his siblings, and at the age of 12 he lost his mother due to death. A few years after that he became an atheist and also a homosexual while he attended St. John’s College and studied classical moderations and Greek and Roman classics. He believed he was going to forever be alone because the one and only time he fell in love was with another guy that was not gay, and the guy that broke his heart which made him think he was going to be alone which is what influenced most of him poems. He was also ...view middle of the document...

He says this after he asks his friend if they still played football by the river side, and after asking he reminisces on when he was alive playing. Also with those lines he gives another literary device which is personification by saying “the goals stands up”. Next he gives a description on how he looks deceased “Now I am thin and pine”. He says to tell his friend how he looks. Then in the poem the apostrophe shows that a death has happened. Another literary device is voice which is the talk between the deceased man and the friend that’s alive. Then the next literary device is tone which is conversational throughout the whole poem.
Next the pattern of the poem is a series of questions and answers between the deceased man and his friend. In the first half of the poem it’s a casual conversation between the two men, the deceased man was asking questions about his field and horses, and seeing if they were being taken care of. In the second half it gets more personal; he starts to ask about his widowed wife and his friend and upon asking those questions the deceased man learns that nobody misses him and also his friend infers that he is now with his widowed wife. Also towards the end the man that’s deceased starts to struggle with his conscious, but thinks about what his friend would say.
Then this eight stanza poem is describes and ask different things line by line: the first stanza he asks “'Is my team ploughing” by this the deceased man is asking his friend even after he has passed away is his fields and the horses he used to take care of the fields if they are being taking care of, then in stanza two the friend tells him that everything is being taken care of still even though he lies under the land he plows. Then in...

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