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Is Nietzsche's View Of Morality Better For Us Than Kant's?

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In the book "On the Genealogy of Morals," the philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche presents an argument as to a view of his opinion on morality. Nietzsche states that he enjoys bringing pain and suffering to others. Nietzsche states that the origins of guilt and consciousness come from the "creditors" and "debtors." Nietzsche also debates that the more powerful a community becomes, the less they need to punish criminals. On the other hand, in the book "Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals," by Immanuel Kant, he states that being good should be the purpose of life. Kant says that if one is happy, he is more likely to fulfill his duty, which is to do good deeds. Kant's view of morality is better for us than Nietzsche's argument.Nietzsche remarks "To the extent that to make suffer was in the highest degree pleasurable, to the extent that the injured party exchanged for the loss he had sustained including the displeasure caused by loss, an extraordinary counterbalancing pleasure: that of making suffer - a genuine festival..." (Nietzsche, 65). Nietzsche says that making others suffer was considered a great joy; he calls it a "festival," that would balance out an unpaid debt. We find the origins of conscience, guilt, and duty in the festiveness of cruelty. To Nietzsche, people were punished simply because it was fun to punish people. If you fail to keep your promise to me, at least I get the pleasure of beating you up. This is the original association of "guilt" with "debt," to Nietzsche. Guilt was a debt to be paid: if you make a promise, you are in debt to me. If you fail to keep your promise, you must pay off the debt in some other way. If that "other way" is pouching you, there are no hard feelings afterward, there is simply an agreement that now our debts are settled and we can go our different ways.Nietzsche states that the origins of guilt and consciousness come from the "creditors" and "debtors" which is like the relationship between buyer and seller. This relationship exists also between people and the community they live in. The community provides shelter, peace, security, and much else besides, placing people in its debt. People who break the laws of their community are not only repaying the debt, but they are assaulting their creditor. But, these offenders face the harshest of punishments.Nietzsche also observes that the more powerful the community becomes, the less it needs to punish offenders. If the community is weak, any attack against it is life threatening, and such a threat must be eliminated. A community that is strong enough to resist all sorts of assaults has the luxury...

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