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Is Nrma The Best Car Insurance In Australia?

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NRMA Insurance presented the view as presenting themselves as the best car insurance
Through in-depth research and competitor analysis had lead to the discovery of what differentiates NRMA and it’s competitors. The result was that NRMA covered many car parts that their competitors didn’t and it became the main selling point of NRMA car insurance
- Audience: Australians with a car not knowing the difference between all the car insurance companies

Demonstrate your process in solving the problem
To design a concept car that include car parts that NRMA’s competitors didn’t
Instead of just telling the audience what parts were covered by NRMA it had be proposed to show them resulting in a new approach to build a fully functional working car that included uninsured parts from competitors

Show how the design was implemented.
Through the use of marketing NRMA had advertised uninsured parts on TV, Radio, press, digital and outdoor created awareness of the problem. Cited
This had included QR codes in press, outdoor user sent lists of uninsured car parts
Car parts hung from shopping mall ceilings
Mobile phone controlled bus stop stereos
Motion activated poster
NRMA website with viewers able to give input on the mechanics building the car whether it be suggesting designs, colours, names and competitor uninsured car parts

Final results
NSW total population 7.2 million people
NSW car insurance market 4.8 million based on registered cars
4.1 million enquiries via phone, branches and website visits
Conversion rate for motor insurance is 48%

The case study written on the NRMA car creation provides an insight/ behind the scenes view on the process and development of the work. The case study...

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