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Is Nuclear War A Possibility. Essay

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Is Nuclear War a Possibility?A nuclear weapon is a bomb or warhead whose great explosive power derives from the release of nuclear energy. They are the most monstrous weapons of our time and there is no illusion about the reality of their danger. The world watched in horror when the USAdropped two Atomic Bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of the Second World War. At 8:15 in the morning on 6th August 1945, the first atomic bomb exploded over Hiroshima with a blinding flash in the sky, and a great rush of air and a loud rumble of noise extended for many miles around the city. The first blast was followed by the sounds of falling buildings, growing fires, and a great cloud of dust and smoke began to cast a pall of darkness over the city. The bomb of Nagasaki was dropped on August 9th 1945 again early in the morning with similar effects. These two bombs resulted in nearly a quarter of a million casualties and further generations of infant mortality, birth defects, cancers, leukaemia's and emotional and physical scarring. Japan surrendered shortly afterwards. Looking at the destruction of these two cities from just two nuclear weapons of a fairly basic nature compared to the technology and weaponry that now exists, it is not surprising that those who survive a nuclear war would envy the dead. But the question remains: Is Nuclear War a Possibility?Progressive SituationThe fact that there are more than 35,000 nuclear weapons still maintained by the eight known nuclear powers of the world suggests a will to deploy them. So many would not have been developed unless there was an intention to use them, and, collectively, there is enough power to destroy the world five times over. However, it can also be argued that only two of the world's nuclear weapons have been used in warfare, and it is unlikely that a repeated or larger attack would happen in warfare in the future because of this strong essence of deterrence. The USA's nuclear arsenal deters countries from declaring war directly on them, as they fear a larger and more devastating counter-attack that could be capable of wiping out populations in a matter of days.This fear could be responsible for countries such as the former Soviet Union and the United States still spending so much money on arms. The Soviet Union has over 25,000 nuclear weapons and, if they attacked the United States, they could easily scorch America to the ground: simply nobody would survive outside a nuclear bunker. But, we can never deny the possibility of this fear igniting a nuclear conflict, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. When the Russians tried to place Nuclear Weapons in 'Uncle Sam's Backyard,' to use in an attack against America, a Nuclear War was at the most heightened ever possibility. President Kennedy could have launched a nuclear attack on the USSR preventing them from getting any more nuclear weapons onto the Island of Cuba. That he didn't was probably due to the fear of a harsher...

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