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Is One Naturally Born A Good Citizen?

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Are humans born good citizens or do they have to earn their right to be called that? I believe that one must earn the respect of others and do some good throughout their live to be called a "good citizen." Of course when you're born you have the traits of your parents, so if they are good citizens then you must be, right? Wrong, once you grow up you ultimately have the power to make your own decisions to do what's right or wrong.There are many different aspects of life that can have an effect on you being a good citizen. This time of year there is a war going on in Iraq; there are everyday robberies, shootings, and murders. You can either join this massacre of the world or follow another path, the path of a good citizen. The right choices you make decide this. Choices like whether to study for a test or fail, steal or don't steal, cheat or don't cheat, all decide if you are a good citizen or not. When you are born you can't decide these paths. Once you are born you don't even know what all of these choices mean. The people you watch as you grow up help you decide. Your parents, the president, famous people on television have huge effects on you as a person. Everyone wants to follow what the popular people are doing. It might be the wrong thing but most people end up doing it. As you take in all your surroundings you have to make sure that you're going to be in the right place doing the right thing. Trying your...

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