Is Or Has The Premier League Become Corrupt?

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Does the amount of English players in the Premier League affect England’s chances of winning the World Cup?
The English Premier League consists of many of the top teams around Europe and even the world. Teams like Manchester united, Chelsea, and Arsenal all have come close to or even won the champions league in the last few years. However, did these teams have a high percentage of English players? Chelsea who won the champions league in May 2012 claiming the title “Champions of Europe” had only 6 English players out of the 18 players that were selected. Only 4 of these teams featured in the match. These figures are quite low compared to the Bayern Munich team which consisted of 11 German players and a German manager. Only one of these players did not play in the match. The figures are even lower for English players in the Premier League. In the 2012/2013 season only around 34% of English players played in the Premier League. However, some of these didn’t even play, this is a shocking figure compared to the olden days when there was over 73% of English players in the Premier League in 1922. 177 players featured in the first XI on the first day this figure massively fell this year to 75 English players who featured on the first day. England has not won the world cup since 1966. Is this because the amount of English players in the Premier League is just continuing to drop? Players back in 1966 were all loyal to their clubs for example Jack Charlton who was the centre back for the England team that won the world cup made 629 appearances for Leeds united . Whereas now the England centre back Rio Ferdinand has played for 4 clubs and so far has made 304 appearances. The quality of the England squad now is good as there is a variety of youngsters and more experienced senior players. Players like Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole are the experienced senior bunch of the squad all except Rooney have played over 100 games for the England squad. In addition to this England also have many quality youngsters who can prove to be very dangerous for other internationals in the future. These youngsters include Ross Barkley, Andros Townsend, Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott.
Friday 18th October 2013:
On June 2nd England played Brazil at the Maracana stadium in Brazil and drew 2-2. During this game 7 players under the age of 25 featured and led England to a draw against one of the best teams in the world. Is this a sign that England might win the world cup soon? Personally I don’t think England are capable of winning the world cup in the near future however I believe that there is a big possibility of England winning in the future when these young players are more experienced and when the Premier League consists of a high number of English players. Having a high number of England players in the Premier League allows the manager of England to have a variety of options. Now the England squad is strong however the...

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