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Is Our Government Today Really About The People, When The

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Is our government today really about the people, when the media and how much the government wants us to know regulate so much of what we know? In today's society the media is a big factor in how we look at candidates and their viewpoints. We saw this in the recent 2000 presidential election that making a good impact on the media will make or break an election. The media today shapes and molds our ideas and beliefs about the government.From the time when television was invented the journalism industry has gone astray in their position as the authority of political information. In the beginning of televised politics the press set out to have an excellent connection with the government, but it didn't really turn out that way (Gergen 1). Television has exerted a deep pressure on American politics and how we see America's government progress from the time when it started entering homes in the late 1940's. At this time there was less than 400,000 TV's in America. The media came about being a key player in the 1948 election with the introduction of new stations like NBC, ABC and CBS. With all these stations combined it offered a look at party conventions and candidates. This same year the public saw the first political TV ad made for Harry Truman to encourage the public to acknowledge the Dewy conquest as unsurprising, but to get out and vote anyways. Dewy discarded the concept of TV ads cause he thought they were degrading. By 1952 Americans were able to have a look at the convention halls to see Eisenhower and Stevenson put on the ballots. This election was also the first where Eisenhower hired a well-known ad agency to produce commercials for him. In 1960 the media world took the elections for another turn with the first televised political dispute among the candidates. The election of 1964 was when American viewers saw how tense politics can become. The hint of attacking the others candidate's personality and thoughts come into play (Rothwell 2-5). Throughout the Vietnam War and the Watergate disgrace in 1969, there was a damaging feeling in the pressrooms, and there was also too much of the "we versus they" and the "press-as-the-enemy" attitudes where taking over mood in the government.Compounding with the incline of television popularity, public outlook surveys were making a public executives and politicians not as apt to make use of the authority the people trust in them They recognize that their trade, nomination, was not about making friends but to avoid making foes. If the census demonstrated they were going to get in a jam by being decisive, they would fine-tune their plans (Reeves 5).Reporters who cover politics are somewhat like politicians. They want to increase their grasp of integrity and social standing. The reporters don't have much do deal with though of a political matter and are further influenced by peers and making certain details are accurate (Reeves 40-41). Confident with their expert trade, journalists have not clearly stated...

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