Is Our Society Corrupt? Essay

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For centuries society has effortlessly created social phenomenon’s which we pursue every day. Social constructs like gender and social roles are subjective. As a society we have formulated social distinctions and categories based on cultural or social practices. Over the years, America has created the idea of gender and social roles, which we follow each day religiously. We adopt culturally accepted and conventional roles which have all been reinforced by the media, tradition and society as a whole. Behavioral expectations have been created for society and this current understanding of gender today can be detrimental.
In the novel “Fight Club” written by Chuck Palahniuk, the narrator, a young man who follows the status quo of society, receiving a white collar job and suitable pay, discovers that the consumer culture he has grown into has resulted in misery and insomnia. However, as a result, the narrator creates a physical representation of everything the narrator is not, Tyler Durden. The narrator describes Tyler as a suave, free-spirited, devious, violent, and funny man. He is the opposite of the “neurotic, high strung, IKEA-loving, corporate drone of a narrator” which society promotes. In the eyes of society the narrator would be viewed as a successful corporate man. However, the oppressing social roles created and promoted by society creates the narrator to develop someone outside the social norm, like Tyler as an escape. In the novel the narrator explains that society forces us to pursue false goals that capitalism has forced upon us, he states, ‘working in jobs [we] hate, just so [we] can buy what [we] don't really need.” (19.16). the expectations created by society for the narrator has caused the narrator to form a type of identity disorder, validating the idea that social class created by society can be detrimental.
Additionally, in the novel, the main character always attends support group gatherings, he states he...

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