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Is Paranormal Phenomena Interest On The Rise?

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The dictionary defines paranormal as “beyond normal of scientific explanation”. By definition alone, it’s nearly impossible to prove but with today’s advanced technology and are we closer than we think to explaining the unexplainable?
Paranormal activity has been a major influence in pop culture for many years with iconic movies like The Exorcist, Ghost Busters and Stephen King’s, Carrie. Today we continue to see enthusiasm for the unknown with blockbuster hit films like “Paranormal Activity 1-4” and Emmy award winning TV shows like Supernatural. But beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood lays a growing subculture made up of parapsychologists and amateur paranormal investigators, in ...view middle of the document...

They also define types of hauntings into two categories; intelligent and residual. They seem to go even further to sub categorize the hauntings with more detail and explanations or reasons for a haunting. Whether it’s ghosts, haunted houses, UFO’s or cryptids (animals whose existence has not been proven such as unicorns and Bigfoot), one thing they all have in common is that they are all still very much a mystery.

While some may think paranormal investigation is “silly”, there have been some very distinguished scientists such as Charles Richet who won the Nobel Prize in physiology in 1913 (, Lord John William Strutt Rayleigh who received the 1904 Nobel Prize in physics, and Camille Flammarion who was the founder of the French Astronomical Society, have all explored this side of “pseudoscience”.
Over the last century, the method of research has evolved from séances and observation of floating tables to the use of instruments designed to investigate these “beyond normal” occurrences. Today, investigators use modern tools to further their research. The EMF detector (Electromagnetic Field) is used to measure gathered energy because when a spirit or entity tries to manifest itself needs to collect energy to make its presence known. It’s commonly thought that when a spirit is nearby, batteries lose their charge, and electronic devices go haywire. EVP recorders (Electronic Voice Phenomena) are used to record disembodied voices that the normal person cannot hear. Similar to the EMF is the ion detector. This measures the positive and negative ions in the air which indicates the presence of spiritual energy.Dowsing tools are also popular among the ghost hunting world. These tools are used the same way cats use their whiskers for sensing changes in their environment. Thermal imaging cameras are probably the most sought after piece of equipment by paranormal investigators because it has the ability to capture the temperature of it’s subject.

While many feel proof that paranormal phenomena exists is near, the majority of theories have already been debunked. In the early times, natural phenomena like eclipse’s, earthquakes, and lightning were thought to be acts of God. Also, hallucinations associated with schizophrenia, drug use and carbon monoxide poisoning have explained away many supernatural encounters. One debunking that made national news was when Daryl J. Bem, a social psychologist and professor at Cornell...

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