Is Personality Important To Society? Essay

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Personality,the charateristics of one self that others can judge you as an individual and place you in some type of box. Is personality important to society? Some of the strengths and weaknesses of my own personality. How will my personality help me on the job or my career. Will personality stop a person from making money? Personality is somewhat important in all of these topics to become a factor in society.
Is personality important to society, in my opinion personality can be important to pursue your dreams and get the proper connections to make money. If you are reserved you will always stay in a shell and not talk to people,and won't make friends. Those type ...view middle of the document...

Emotions is another weakness for me because if something is on my mind I have to let it out to make myself fell better as a person. I've learned to hold my emotions back just a little now since I've gotten older but, it comes out somehow.
How will my personality serve me in my career field, in CNA personality does'nt matter at all because your work speaks for itself. When you are in a business setting like that to make money and keep people coming back you will put your blood sweat and tears in you work. I am a HVAC technician and people dnt care about your personality,the only thing they wnt is there whatever it is to be fixed. Here in my current job personality is a great deal because I have to talk with reps and find the best deals for supplies, interact with doctors and other personel. If you have a reserved personality you will not get anything done to help other people, you have to be a very talkative and energetic person to make it here. Personallity is a factor when-ever your job reflects on it. A sales person, a waiter,or waitress, need to have a great personality to make money and or tips because if the person is a reserved person that job is not for you. I think if you know how to make money and you want to make more money you will choose the job that fits you. In my career path my personality will not reflect my work ethics at all because of if you can fix it you will have business.
My personal feeling about my scores is my mood and my emotions.My mood daily is basicly the same what you see is what you get with me I never change. Me personnally I hate all the statistical things that society made us believe in. Because, of a person that ENTJ will this person be succesful or will he be a hard worker....

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