Is Political Polarization Good Or Bad For American Politics And Government?

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Thomas Mann of Brookings Institutions writes that, “in addition to the decline in competition, American politics today is characterized by a growing ideological polarization between the two major parties”. In addition to his opinion, political data has shown that political polarization is increasing and is more readily seen in the way the American government functions in the political sphere. In an article by the University of Rochester’s Campus Times they wrote “In 1950, the American Political Science Association’s Committee on Political Parties wrote a report called “Toward a More Responsible Two-Party System.” The report said that party leadership in Congress was far too lenient when it ...view middle of the document...

Using this definition, it will be clear to see that polarization is in fact detrimental to the American political system and its participants. With the help of the definition, it is necessary to first analyze why polarization is present in American politics and government. Polarization is a result of a three of causes: non-institutional causes, institutional causes, and cultural causes. Non-institutional causes are replacement, redistricting, income inequality, and interest groups. These causes are the affected by one another. Replacement, typically a direct result of redistricting, is when the opposing party replaces the current party in office. The most notable replacements are of the conservatives Democrats newly gained Southern voters, and liberal Republicans in the West. Redistricting, the second tier of the cause, is when the lines of the state’s districts are redrawn to better fit the most recent census. When elected officials redistrict they attempt create safe seats for them so that they are more or less guaranteed their position, while widely dispersing or packing other districts in order to dilute the voters in other districts. Income inequality allows more ideologically extreme policies on redistricting, which is influenced by interest groups’ power. Interest groups are typically compromised of those tilting toward the ideological extremes. The second group of causes is institutional causes. These causes are made up of conversion and unorthodox lawmaking. Converges include changes in constituents and increasing party power. Lawmakers use unorthodox lawmaking to limit alternatives in redistricting rules and omnibus legislation, enforce party discipline among possible committee chairs, bypass committees, and persuasion through party whips use. The third group of causes is cultural causes. Cultural causes consist of running as outsiders, having fewer political junkets, and having close majorities. Running as outsiders is a technique by politicians to run against Washington, while running for it. Political junkets are decreasing as friendships between members of Congress are continuously decreasing. Close majorities, while disturbing to the teams involved, are uniting factors for the teams. Outside of the three possible causes of polarization, polarization can occur as a result of members of Congress being polarized. This occurrence is only influential on the informed electorate....

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