Is Pornography A Threat To The Freedom Of Women?

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Is Pornography A Threat To The Freedom of Women?In today's wireless world, access to information is readily and quickly available.Pornography is no exception and great concern has been raised at a social level about its effects. Pornography is certainly a threat to all women. Because the vast majority of pornography depicts women, they are particularly vulnerable to its effects. Many studies have demonstrated that pornography encourages aggressive behaviour in the viewer, encourages the oppression of women and works to eradicate all that has been accomplished by the women's movement.Pornography in all forms has been proven in numerous studies to promote violence against women. This is mainly due to the fact the men, in viewing pornographic material, feel in control of women's sexual behaviour, and as a result begin this pursuit of women's sexuality themselves. Even when considering material of the slightest pornographic nature, it can strongly be said that portraying women as passive sex objects would encourage those males already inclined to commit violent acts against women (for whatever reason) to further do so. In essence, exposure to pornography eventually desensitizes males to the sexual exploitation of women. Lastly, pornography works to solidify male superiority and female inferiority, since most pornography is targeted to the male population. It gives the freedom to a man to have a woman whenever and wherever he pleases, for example in a magazine or in a movie, in any fashion he desires. It is this freedom which imposes on the freedom of women. Women are not free if pornography increases aggressive behaviour, which in turn reduces their ability to walk down a dark street safely, park their car underground, etc.Pornography also hinders the freedom of women since they are exploited in the making. The high monetary reward in the adult entertainment industry certainly does not force women to accept these positions, but does not discourage them and in fact encourages their participation. It is not that acting in a pornographic film requires a great deal of skill or education and therefore that is the reason for high pay, it is simply because there is no other way women would be drawn to the industry. Thus women, who for whatever reason do not have the ability to attain occupations of decent nature and pay, are caught between a rock and a hard place, to work in a menial dead-end position, or to exploit their bodies for extremely good pay. Where is the freedom in this choice? And what does this fact tell society? On average, women earn 73 cents for every dollar males earn, but in the pornographic industry the worth of a woman's work skyrockets. Certainly this demonstrates to society where a woman's worth lies. It is clear pornography creates a market for the...

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