Is Pornography Morally Permissible? Essay

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When you hear the word pornography, you most likely don’t link positive things to the word. Pornography seems to have a negative connotation attached to it, and has become a debatable subject in particular in today’s technological advanced age, where it is easier to access pretty much anything. But why has pornography been labelled with such a negative connotation? In my essay i will explore the many views on the subject, such as that of radical Feminists who claim that pornography objectifies women. Then there are consequentialists view, which see pornography as setting a bad example. There is one however, definitive situation where pornography is morally wrong and that is in child ...view middle of the document...

” is this the case? Who actually is getting these expectations? men who watch porn? women who can’t live up to the expectations? does this count for all women? Maybe in very extreme cases where someone get’s so consumed in pornography they lose sight of reality. There is also the religious aspect where it is frowned upon to watch pornography. According to Matt Slick a researcher at CARM (Christian apologetics and research ministry). Slick argues as the Bible tells us to be sexually pure. “This is why Jesus even tells us to guard our minds. Note that He said in Matt. 5:28 that to even look on a woman lustfully is to commit adultery with her”. Slick further states that “In viewing pornography, nakedness, and explicit sexual displays lust is not only given the opportunity to rise (thereby enticing) most often lustful passions and thoughts are triggered in the person’s heart and mind”. Slick further states “add to this that oftentimes pornography involves viewing sexual intercourse between unmarried people, and/or homosexual and lesbian activities. Even if the pornography does not involve viewing sexual intercourse between two people, it involves the viewing of naked individuals which is.. reserved for a husband and a wife”. This raises a few questions. What is wrong with homosexual and lesbian activities? in what context does Slick see this as wrong? Second in today’s society do people really care if they are married to have intercourse?. It has unavoidably become the norm. Being such a diverse topic, there are going, and are differing views of pornography.

One contributor to these differing views are radical feminists, which most see pornography as objectifying women (is it possible to objectify all women?). Thus making it okay for men to treat women like they are no more then a object, to the man’s desires by “playing” to there fantasises to pleasure them. One such feminist is a American philosopher Martha Nussbaum. Nussbaum see’s objectification as treating someone as a thing. Nussbaum identifies at least 7 ways we can objectify people. These are instrumentality (treated like an instrument), denial of autonomy (refusal to see other as human), inertness (lacking agency and possibly activity) , fungibility (interchangeable with other objects), violability (lacking in boundary integrity) , ownership (treating as something that can be bought, sold etc..) and denial subjectivity (feelings not needed to be taken into account). However though valid and important to guiding us to what exactly objectification is, some questions arise. First how does this tie into Pornography? well most radical feminists see pornography as degrading to women, denial in autonomy, ownership etc.. however with this a second question appears how can we even know if the man and the women are equal? When you think about it, in pornography you don’t see the characters or people arguing if they are being objectified. If they wanted this there would be emphasise on it....

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