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Is Prime Minister Of Canada Too Powerful Langara Reserach Paper

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The government under the federal system has the division of powers between the provincial and central government[footnoteRef:1]. The Prime Minister is considered as the first minister who is the leader of winning party in the government elections[footnoteRef:2]. The Prime Minister also heads the political executive branch which is the most powerful branch of a political system[footnoteRef:3]. Being the leader of a nation prime minister has a set of important powers under his control. This paper tries to prove that prime minister wields excessive powers in federal government. How can we conclude that the prime minister is excessively powerful? This paper explains that if a Prime Minister is accountable for his activities and can strongly influence the other departments of government then he is considered to be excessively powerful. This paper introduces us to various hidden powers of Canadian prime minister and also explains the type of federal government operating Canada. [1: .Dr Paul Prosperi, “The clarity Act” (Seminar, Canadian Politics and Government, Langara college, Vancouver, BC, March 9, 2017 ] [2: .Mintz, al., Canada’s Politics: Democracy, Diversity, and Good Government.3rd Edition (Toronto: Pearson, 2017), 366.] [3: .Mintz, al., Canada’s Politics: Democracy, Diversity, and Good Government.3rd Edition (Toronto: Pearson, 2017), 358]
This paper is structured to prove that the Canadian prime minister is too powerful. This paper highlights some important incidents from the past which supports the statement. The prime minister enjoys the five powers of P which are parliamentary leader, party leader, patronage, policy maker and public face[footnoteRef:4]. The prime minister has power to prevent or reward ambition and has control over the levers of patronage[footnoteRef:5]. One of the five powers of P is public face. The prime minister gets advantage of this power, if he is more popular in public then he need not to expend a large amount of time and money to maintain his support within the party[footnoteRef:6]. The most significant excessive power of the Canadian prime minister is the appointment power and he appoints all his cabinet ministers, justice of supreme-court, RCMP head and many more leaders of powerful departments[footnoteRef:7]. This power makes every appointed person loyal to prime minister, which also includes chief justice of Canada. This power makes the significant influence of prime minister in deciding the daily discussion topic of cabinet and government policy[footnoteRef:8]. The significant influence of prime minister proves that all the matters and policies in which prime minister is directly involved are mostly agreed by the majority of government. [4: .Mintz, al., Canada’s Politics: Democracy, Diversity, and Good Government.3rd Edition (Toronto: Pearson, 2017), 366-67] [5: .Mintz, al., Canada’s Politics: Democracy, Diversity, and Good Government.3rd Edition (Toronto: Pearson, 2017),...

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