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Is Print Media Still Relevant? Journalism Essay

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What is the difference between print media and new media? Well, print media is a medium which disseminates printed matter. The print media is responsible for gathering and publishing news in the form of newspapers or magazines. New media on the other hand which grows with technology, includes the use of Twitter, social networks as well as blogs. It uses internet as its platform. Not only has advanced technology facilitated internet consumption, it has also promoted new media to the extent that majority now believe new media will one day succeed traditional media. But is that really true?
Print media brings about a sense of tangibility. Many readers feel a sense of comfort when they are holding and reading a physical copy. The physicality also allow us to know where the crucial information is located. Online media sites are less intuitive; one article leads to the next through multiple links, creating a disorientating never-ending cycle of articles. Navigation is only obvious at the home page, which could become a hassle to return to after finishing on each article.
The use technological devices can be a struggle for the older generation because they have grown up with printed books. It can be tricky for them to navigate online sites due to the unfamiliarity. Printed newspapers have a physical presence and is able to satisfy senses that new media cannot fulfil. Their tangibility also means that they can be kept in homes for as long as possible whereas on new media, information can be erased instantaneously.
Nowadays, it is difficult to discern truth from anything uploaded online. This is because most content generated there is usually open to public. Anyone can access news or information sites and a few of them, like Wikipedia, allows users to input personal content. There have been several cases reported on Wikipedia where articles are replaced with entirely false information, which could have lead to severe repercussions. Inaccurate information uploaded online could cause social consequences.
It is also difficult to trust credibility of online sites due to the presence of viruses and scams from dubious pop-up advertisements and banners. There is no such fear in print newspapers.
For print media, there are widely established companies whose jobs are to source for credible information and to print highly accurate details that can be stood up to the government and...

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