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Is Private School Better Than Public School?

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Indeed private school is great but exactly what is the difference of it and public school? Well, according to statistics, private school students have a higher Socio Economic Status (SES) and generally higher graduation rate.
A uniform is one of the main differences about private school and public school. I personally think that a uniform is great because it lets students feel a part of the school and makes them feel equal. It’s a part of school pride. Another great reason why is because no one can judge you on what you’re wearing nor make snide/rude comments because of the clothes. I think that this type of “bullying” is a way to deform someone and how they dress and act emotionally and physically. 1 Lastly, a uniform creates uniformity in students. Uniformity is one of the many reasons why private school has such an impact on how different these two schools can be.
Uniforms aren’t the only difference in private schools. School life in general is quite different to the one we experience. First, teachers in private schools specialize in a specific category like a science degree or fine arts degree that in some cases are more important to the unit or their teaching style. This doesn’t apply to all the teachers in private schools but most of them work in a specific area. Another point why school life is better is that private school has a much higher standard as they try to ignite the desire to learn in students meaning that just because one likes to learn, they won’t be an “outcast”.1 Lastly, a class is usually around 15:1 or less which is great because studies have shown that students can’t focus in classes around 30 or more. This is because when a class exceeds the amount of talking or fooling around, a teacher’s job turns more into nagging. Another reason why this is good is because with fewer students, a teacher can focus more on individual students and customize their teaching/learning.2
It is said that private schools have a higher graduation rate than private schools. This is because of what I said earlier,...

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