Is Propaganda A Necessary Part Of Society? Explain?

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Most of us describe propaganda as the manipulation of ideas and making people believe the false facts and ideas and convince them to a completely fallacious line of thinking. But that defines only old propaganda. The modern definition of propaganda aims for action rather than modification and transformation.
By the augmentation in the modes of communication, propaganda has become an inseparable part of the society and has indeed become a necessary element of it. Propaganda forms the basis of everything. Grab a newspaper, article, magazine or an advertisement-every piece attributed to media has a tinge of propaganda in it. The modern propaganda especially is using the visual sources to ...view middle of the document...

For example coverage of a particular restaurant may result in no important changes in reader’s ideas or morals. However, more powerful events such as propaganda in war coverage may produce a lasting effect on either individual or a society resulting in changes in thinking and ideologies. The question which now arises after considering the two extremes of propaganda is that how old is the existence of propaganda? What elements are counted in the circumference of the circle of propaganda? And whether propaganda is an ultimate necessity of the society?
Propaganda evolved some fifty years ago and has a strong relation with Adolf Hitler. Though it was expected that the scheme of propaganda will die down after the demise of Hitler. But man is foolish; he suggested Darwin as wrong and fails to realize the truth behind his statement of struggle for existence of matter even though it is not favored by the environment. He failed to intercept that propaganda struggled during its growth to achieve a recognizable post in the society which now has evolved to be the basic fundamental principle in the society.
The places you visit, the things you see, the news you hear all revolve around propaganda now. Propaganda has molded and shaped our lives and the way we live it. It may bring about the brighter positive side of life or may just darken the face of life. Every object has pros and cons, likewise the word propaganda has two faces within itself-it may inflict harm to someone or prove to be helpful to others.
When parents make sure that their child wears a...

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