Is Prostitution A Crime?If So, What Measures Would You Take To Eradicate This Social Evil?

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SociologyIs prostitution a crime? If so, what measures would you take to eradicate this social evil?According to the Webster's dictionary, prostitution is defined as "the act or practice of indulging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money". Prostitution is the sale of sexual services for money or other kind of return, generally indiscriminately with many persons. A person selling sexual favors is a prostitute, a type of sex worker. In a more general sense of the word, anyone selling their services for a cause thought to be unworthy can be described as prostituting themselves. Prostitution is often called "the oldest profession in the world".Prostitution is considered a crime because women are forced into it. They are left with no option but to sell their bodies to total strangers out of sheer desperation. Prostitution is a crime because these workers lose their dignity and place in society after having ironically been used and disposed of by the "higher classes" who supposedly constitute the framework of our society.Every year millions of women and children are trafficked for prostitution. Not all of them consent to this heinous act. However the industry makes sure that there is ample supply to meet the ever-expanding demand. It is impossible to believe that there are an abundant number of consenting women to happily satisfy the needs of prostitution users around the globe. It can therefore be deduced that the violation of human rights plays an essential component in the successful operation of this odious industry.Along with this prostitution is made possible by other human right violations such as lower wages for women compared to men, battery, rape and murder. With in prostitution, women experience an alarmingly high rate of rape, assault and other such violent acts. Apart from this it strengthens discrimination against women. It serves as a glaring blot, glorifying the falsity that women are a separate set of beings, destined to serve men sexually and in other ways as well.In spite of strict measures to stunt the expansion of this illegal traffic, the statistics speak for themselves. From being the oldest profession it has evolved into a thriving industry. Nearly every country is involved in the web of trafficking activities, either as a country of origin, destination or transit. Countries of destination include Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, France, India, Israel, Japan, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Traffickers recruit women and children through deceptive means including falsified employment advertisements for domestic workers, waitresses and other low-skilled work. Traffickers include those involved in highly sophisticated networks of organized crime and may be as close to home as a relative to the victim.The United Nations estimates that 700,000 to 4 million women and children are trafficked around the world for purposes of forced prostitution, labour and...

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