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Is Prostitution A Victimless Crime? Nope Prostitution Is A Crime Full Of Victi

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“The obscenities of this country are not girls like you. It is the poverty which is obscene, and the criminal irresponsibility of the leaders who make this poverty a deadening reality. The obscenities in this country are the places of the rich, the new hotels made at the expense of the people, the hospitals where the poor die when they get sick because they {do not} have the money either for medicines or services. It is only in this light that the real definition of obscenity should be made.”
― F. Sionil José (Sionil)
Prostitution is not a victimless crime and should therefore be legalized in Washington State. The definition of a victimless crime is “A crime that has no negative effects on ...view middle of the document...

Well in relation to theses concerns I will take them one by one. Moralists say that prostitution goes against the bibles definition of morality. With quotes such as this being popular
“The need for prostitution arises from the fact that many men are either unmarried or away from their wives on journeys, that such men are not content to remain continent, and that in a conventionally virtuous community they do not find respectable women.”
Bertrand Russell
Nevertheless, not all people are Christian yes the majority of Americans are Christian but the law does not become written to that viewpoint only. If one were to make that argument then one also would have to write the definition to that of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Scientism and a slew of others.
Next, the feminist movement identifies this as a crime by men against women, which makes sense when one sees that 90% of prostitutes have been raped in the last year. 85% have been stolen from. (Bakhyadze) Doesn’t it already seem like this view is playing out and wouldn’t it make sense to legalize so that these crimes can be prosecuted.
Another reason is the economic benefit of legalization. Such a legal brothel is in Nevada the Mustang Brothel. One of the few legal brothels in Nevada that was established in 1971 and was closed in 1999. “After the closure of the brothel the town had a hard time keeping lights on and a sheriff in employment” (Alexa) a main source of revenue can be justified from this line of work because you have the licensing, health exams,...

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