Is Giving Money To The Poor Really The Best Way To Help Them?

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By: Ashish TrikhaHave you ever experienced the harsh reality of not knowing where your next meal is coming from or not having a place to come home to? Millions of North Americans undergo these conditions daily as they lack a great deal financially. Many think the solution to this problem is simple to provide financial aid to these less fortunate individuals. However, the root of this problem can only be destroyed upon digging deeper and recognizing the problems in the lives of underprivileged. It is commonly said, "Help the poor by giving them money". But, the idea that giving poor people money is really the best way to help them, should be reconsidered. We should not provide poorer individuals with monetary aid because it is unknown what and where the individuals will spend their money, they will continue to be a burden on the shoulders of society and lastly, everybody will begin begging for money.You might feel as though you have done a good deed if you provide a poor individual with money. You believe you are helping them. Right? Wrong! You are not helping them at all. Many individuals on the street turn to guns, violence and drugs for support. These substances, drugs specifically, have a large influence on the functioning of the brain. Perhaps a poor person is starving for food but when he or she receives their first ten dollars in a week they might choose to spend it on a pack of cigarettes instead of a sandwich. It is a bad decision, but most poor people have made at least one bad decision in their lives. The reality is that any little boy can approach you and beg for money to buy food and you will give him money in pity. But the same little boy can purchase drugs or even weapons with that money. Thus, the wise thing to do when you encounter a poor individual is to go to the store with them and buy food for them. Now you would think who has the time to go do "grocery shopping" for them. Well then don't go, but don't give them any money either. If they are really that desperate to eat food, they can always go to food banks and get free food there. They won't ever deny. I say again, you should never give poor any money because you don't know what they are going to buy with that money.Secondly, poor people become dependant on begging as their primary source of income if money is repeatedly provided for them. If you earn the money for them and...

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