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Is Psychology A Science? Homework Assignment

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Task 1: Behaviourist Approach
This is one of the key approaches in psychology and it is about an individual’s behaviour is learnt and how it can therefore be influenced and shaped by the environment and past environments we have been in. It is about how behaviour is concerned with how environmental factors, which are called stimuli, affect noticeable behaviour, which is called the response. One assumption in this topic is that behaviourists deem it unnecessary or unneeded to look or think about the internal thought processes when they are explaining an individual’s behaviour and that all they need to know is what evokes a response. Another key assumption of a behaviourist is that the actions of learning are routine to all species and therefore humans learn in the same way as other animals. Because of this, they will experiment on animals for research and study in Labourites.

Task 2: W adjust he pitch of our voice based on the status of who we’re talking to
This article talks about how and why an individual’s speech is a way of conveying status and authority above others with what is said and by the features or elements of the voice speaking. It also talks about why we adjust the pitch of our voice depending on who we are talking to.
An experiment was conducted by Juan David Leongómez and his colleagues to test out this theory by recording students as they took part in simulated interviews for a job as an admin assistant with three different male employers.
· A picture and a small description each male showed that one male was Chief of Security at a prison and was described as tough and intimidating. Another one of the males being Head of Department at a Business School and described as well-respected and competent. The final male unlike the others was neutral and was from the HR department at a secondary school and was described as your average boss.
· Like any normal interview the participant would introduce themselves to the employer and say why they were best suited for the job. They were also asked how they would advance to their boss if they were to have a disagreement with a colleague. After the interview they filled out a questionnaire about their own and the male’s dominance and status.
Researchers calculated the frequencies of the participant’s voices. They also tracked variations in the voice pitch as the participants spoke. A low frequency would be equivalent to sounding calm and in control, and has been found to be recognized as more dominant in both...

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