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Should Rap be considered poetry Music is comprised of two elements, words and instrumental accompaniment. So if you take away the instruments what's left? Most people when they think of poetry they think of a short composition in verse or a piece of work communicating to the reader the sense of a complete experience. Poetry is an expression of feelings. Then how come it is that when people think of rap they imagine it as fowl, untasteful, "jigger jive" that uncourageous violence, hate and discrimination? What is the difference between the two? They are both expressing the writer's feelings are they not? Just because one writer chooses to express him or her self using colorful language doesn't make that persons words any less important than any thing else.There are many excellent examples that show how rappers use their word to express how they feel or live or there likes or dislikes. Just like a poet uses their words to express how they feel or live or there likes or dislikes.One of the most controversial rapper's is eminem and he is one of the most misunderstood when it comes to this topic. In the song, "The Real Slim Shady," Eminem talks about how he hates gays. In many of his songs he swears, lets all of his anger out, and he's rude and uncaring about anyone else. He talks about these things because of how he grew up and it is a reflection of his life. Like many poets he uses his words to describe a world, which in his eyes is screwed up. Poets for decades have been using poetry to illustrate their views of life and death. Emily Dickinson, Edger Allen Poe, KRS Murthy, Kenneth Patchen, and Karen Ford share there dark views on life as do many rappers. So what is the difference between poetry and rapping? The Name "Rapper" is associated with so many false stereotypes that it's pathetic. Not all rappers are gangsters or even Black. But for many reasons black poets and black rappers in their works are able to relate to each other unlike some white poets.Both Black rappers and Black poets write about the same subjects. For example the rap group NWA, and the poet Alice Walker, both cover the topic of being from a minority race. Alice Walker states in one of her poems that "there is no planet stranger than the one I'm from" (Walker,...

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