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Is Renewable Energy An Economically Viable Option For South Africa?

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Eric Geldenhuys 2014/04/01
Is Renewable Energy an economically viable option for South Africa?
South Africa mainly focuses on producing and making energy from mining coal. Although this is very effective and has been used for a very long time. The problem is that fossil fuels are limited because of the time needed to create them over millions of years and the tones of pressure that needs to be applied to form fossil fuels. The process in South Africa goes as follows, first deep mines are dug out to reach and get all the fossil fuels, which is a very big negative because of the high risk of injury and death cases, one of the other negatives is also that it has a large impact on the ...view middle of the document...

Renewable energy resources also require a very large amount of space such as a solar panel plant needing over 40km squared to produce enough energy for a small town. Solar panel plants are a very good option for South Africa because of most of the open land in the Karoo. Although most of the land that has residences only farm with sheep, a very large amount of the land that is not being used is open and has very little natural and conservational value to it.
With the amount of people without work in South Africa, installing renewable energy plants would help provide work which will automatically bring up the power of the Rand, lower all the crime levels, lower the amount of homeless people. The only problem is that before giving them a work the would need to be educated and already with the very expensive plants South Africa will first have to go into something like a depression because of all the money that will be spent on the new power plants before making money and becoming an economic world power.
The question should actually be what we would do with all the old coal and nuclear power station as they go out of order. Solar panel, wind turbine and hydro electric power plants can’t be adapted to old power stations because of all the massive differences. Removing the old power stations would also cost a lot of money, nuclear waste need to buried deep underground and companies will be paid to break down and take away all the rubble. Transportation is also bad for South Africa because of the ozone layer’s condition right now with all the carbon dioxide being released. Therefore if it is possible to spend trillions of Rands on renewable energy plants, consideration of renewable transportation resources should also be considered. With new electric cars they run on electricity but the energy needs to be created and with the high consumption level of...

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