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Is Reward Or Punishment More Of A Motivation To Help Someone Complete A Task?

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Motivation towards finishing a specific task has always been around whether you know it or not. Whenever a person is doing something, they can think of two ways that the outcome will be of completing a task; they will get rewarded if they do the task correctly or will be threatened to be hurt or get something taken away from them if they do poorly in that specific task. This article will explain whether reward or punishment is more of a motivation to help someone complete a task that was asked to do so.
Throughout this review the researcher will be explaining whether a reward system will be more efficient to help someone complete a task or if a punishment system can be more efficient to help someone excel at a specific task. The researcher will describe his findings in this topic by citing articles that were used in order to get further knowledge of this topic.
A study that the researcher found that focused on both reward and punishment dilemmas aimed to investigate whether voluntary participation could favor cooperation in common dilemma situations where incentives are insufficient to establish cooperation (Giangiacomo & Flaminio, 2013). The purpose for the article that was found was to shed light on the complex interplay of voluntary participation and incentives, both positive and negative. This research can be helpful for any individual by helping them escape negative incentives and by reducing the commitment of individuals towards the group’s interest.
Some background information that was found during the investigation was that an archetypal model of social dilemmas was made into a public good game, where participants were endowed with a fixed sum of money and chose whether to keep it in their own private account or to contribute to the public good (Isaac MR, McCue K, Plott C, 1985)(Ledyard J, 1995)
The method that was used throughout the investigation was: A total of 144 subjects (58% females) participated in the experiment. The Independent clause in this study was the negative (punishment) outcome of the study. The dependent would be the positive (reward) outcome of the experiment. The control would be no positive or negative feelings towards the subjects. The experiment was held at the University of Brescia on April 23, 2012. Students used an on-line system called ORSEE to recruit subjects for the study. Also used a computer network running the experimental software z-Tree.
The results indicated that in the positive (reward) outcome, participants achieved a profit equal to 69% of the optimum, which is the best result of all treatments. This meant that the combination of voluntary participation and positive incentives not only ensured high cooperation but was also economically efficient. In this respect, the second best treatment was the negative (punishment) outcome which averaged out to being 67%, followed by the neutral outcome which averaged out to be 60%.
In conclusion, this experiment confirmed the strength of...

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