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Is Romeo And Juliet A True Love Story?

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Everybody has heard of the famous play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare but, hardly anyone knows that it was not a love story. For years there has been a debate whether or not Romeo and Juliet is actually a love story. Romeo and Juliet is not considered a true love story, according to many sources because it does not follow the guidelines of a true love story, Romeo and Juliet are too young to know what love is and cultural traditions could have pushed them to marry.
To start off with, the harsh cultural traditions could have played a role in Romeo and Juliet’s false love. As published in Bard Graduate center “the Italians society use to be very critical to those women who did marry” ...view middle of the document...

Also when Romeo and Juliet take their own lives they were following the guidelines of a tragedy more than a love story. As stated by studymode “… it is a tragedy and has been called that for years” ("Romeo and Juliet Tragedy, Love Story or Both? By Studymode." para 2). Study mode is saying that Romeo and Juliet is more of a tragedy that a love story, because of the tragic events that happen throughout the play. Studymode clearly stated that Romeo and Juliet is more of a tragedy than a love story.
Furthermore, Romeo and Juliet are only teenagers; they could not possibly know what true love is at this point in their life. According to Teen Ink “being a teen Juliet falls inevitably falls prey to her raging emotions and hormones” (Puka Para 5). As Teen Ink clearly states Juliet had fallen victim to her emotions and hormones making her fall in love. If Juliet had not fallen to her hormones and emotions she could have made a better decision to not have her whole world revolves around Romeo and possibly saving her life. As written by Marseillaise “if Romeo and Juliet had not died their marriage would have been much harder than they” (Marseillaise Para 5). Marseillaise is saying that even if Romeo and Juliet had not killed themselves there would have been a lot more complications to their love which could come to their realization that they went way too fast in their marriage possibly leading to their separation. These complications could come to their separation which...

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