Is Santa Truly A Conspiracy? Essay

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In Jay Mock’s blog “Is Santa Claus a Conspiracy?” he contemplates whether Santa Claus has an evil purpose. Mock goes through what happens every year during Christmas time now and how “good feelings are directly connected to consumerism” (Mock p3), how we lie to support the conspiracy (Mock p5) and the different options a child may go through when trying to decide whether Santa Claus is real or not (Mock p7-15).
Jay Mock is a conspiracy theorist. On his blog ( he has ten pieces about conspiracy theories ranging anywhere from Santa Claus to Global Warming Cover-ups.
First off, he explains that nowadays Christmas is directly associated with commercialism and that people now feel as if they have to buy things for other people. Whether that be something they will use every day, something that they will throw in the back of their closet and forget about or something that they will just throw away. Not only do they buy the gifts, they buy wrapping paper, bows, cards, bags, tissue paper and many other unneeded things. Which is true, but there are many ways to get around the typical holiday gifts. Some families make things for their direct family members and some families just have a dinner and go their separate ways.
He also brings up the point that people “mindlessly dig up raw materials; apply energy to them to make colorful and shiny trinkets just to bury them in landfills when the interest fades” (Mock p3). Which, is also true, and wasteful and he believes that can be counted as evil. Many people would agree with him, but just because people’s actions during the holiday season are evil and thriftless doesn’t mean the idea of Santa Claus is as well.
Many people forget the true meaning of Christmas. It is not about Toys and gifts, but instead about family and being together and how can you mistake family and togetherness as being evil. Mock needs to be mindful to the joyful feeling that Christmas brings to people and how the thought of Santa Claus brightens children’s days and gives them something to look forward to every year.
Secondly, Mock brings up how many people lie knowing the truth behind Santa Claus. And if they don’t lie about it they still go with it. He says ‘people sometimes lie to support a “good”’ (Mock p5) but that isn’t necessarily evil. People lie all the time, sometimes it is to help someone out, make them feel better or even to make them help themselves. Grant it, most lies can be counted as immoral but Santa defiantly does not fit into that category.
Why would someone manipulate Santa as being malicious when the thought of him brings smiles to young children? When young children talk or hear about Santa they have something to look forward to, someone to look up to and something to believe in. What kind of person would mistake that for wickedness?
Lastly, Mock talks about how a child might feel when discovering the truth about Santa. He says they can...

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