Is Single Sex Education Beneficial? Essay

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Echo Wu
Western Literature
Mr. Trani
Nov. 15, 2013

Is Single-Sex Education Beneficial?
Nowadays as choosing schools for their children, many parents have a greater intent to consider single-sex education besides the various choices of mixed-sex schools. Single-sex education, whose existence lasts several hundred years but still “fresh” to a lot of people, has gained a strong attention across the United States: Is single-sex education really beneficial for students? Known for their specific education, single-sex schools offer well-designed classes for only boys or girls due to their different physical features and characteristics; this separation is beneficial to both physical and intellectual development of students.
However, as single-sex education receives more favorable attention, people opposing it declare that too specific concentration and gender separation could cause problems to students’ psychological and integrated development. According to their understanding, students receiving single-gender education lack the opportunity of accessing to the other gender and probably will encounter more difficulties in later life, for they will need a great amount of effort and time to adapt themselves into the society of both genders. Besides, single-sex education sorts students of similar characteristics together and blocks them from some great, distinct viewpoints that might generate discussions and achieve improvements. Supported by some recent researches, those people’s opposition to single-sex education and declaring it not beneficial concentrate on the lack of social interaction of the students that receive single-sex education.
Regardless of these reasonable opposing views, I strongly believe that single-sex education provides students with beneficial environment and helps them achieve more based on my personal experience at a girls-only school. Before attending my present girl school, I received co-education for over ten years. Comparing these two types of education, I incline to my...

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