Is Social Networking An Advantage Or Disadvantage For People?

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Social network today has affected various situations in peoples lives. Having advantages and disadvantages in social network every day since almost everyone has interaction with social network. Social network is helpful and has an advantage to many people since it helps give news in a couple of minutes, helps with school, helps the law, helps people make new friendships and keep in contact with relatives.
There are various types of social network interaction and there are good advantages for society. One of the advantages that social network has is that society is informed about breaking news around the world in just a few seconds. Having people be informed about natural disasters that ...view middle of the document...

People who work with the government can have an advantage with social network since the government workers such as the police, FBI, and CIA can track down criminal activity going on in the city (“Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society”). For example, in 2001 there were crimes going on in New York City, the people committing the crimes were posting them online for everyone to see and the police got accessed to the crimes being committed by the people and ended up charging the people for the crime (TopTenSm). Undercover police on Facebook, Twitter, Pininterest, and social networks similar to those to find criminals who pretend to be someone they are not (Kelly). The information recovered with the fake profile that the undercover police uses is used in court when charges are presented. Another advantage is being able to create new friendships with people, being able to keep in contact with old friendships and being able to keep in contact with relatives. Teenagers are the main people who make new friendships online over common interests, there are fifty-seven percent of teens that have reported making new friendships online (TopTenSm). Creating new friendships shows how people have certain common interests which are able to be talked about among themselves. This shows teenagers how they are not alone and how they will always have someone new to talk to in case of needing support (“Benefits of Online Social Networking”). Older people have reported using online social network to keep in contact with their relatives that live in other countries and states, this is seventy percent of people who do that (TopTenSm). Being able to share information and pictures with relatives that can be miles away which is easier than sending the relatives information, pictures,letters through mail which can take up days or even weeks after the event has happened (“Benefits of Online Social Networking”).
Although there can be some disadvantages in social networks. A disadvantage of social networks with news given right when it happens and letting it have misinformation (TopTenSM). Misinformation...

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