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Is Social Networking Essential To Modern Life?

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A key aspect of life is communication; very little would be possible without interactions between people. Breakthroughs in fields such as, medicine and space exploration are a result of thoughts of large groups of people uniting by communication. Beginning from an era of sending letters to ancient phones followed by emails and presently social networking [6]. Online social networking is the use of an Internet website that enables self -identify and connection with other members based on one or more elements of commonality [2]. Social networking is promptly dominating the field of communication Social networking comes to play more significant part in everyday lives of not only teenagers, but ...view middle of the document...

For example, a person may just log into instant messengers on their phones and messages can be sent to anyone internationally without any cost, as long as Internet connection is present [7]. Research shows that 70-79% people join online social networks to communicate with friends and families [5]. However, it could be argued that social networking is not essential to modern life as, it may not always be available for access such as people could be away from an area of internet coverage and it might not be affordable for all individuals as living expenses are increasing in the modern world. Nevertheless, social networking is essential as it is faster and much more efficient than other existing methods of communication.

Secondly, social networking is essential to modern life because it allows information to be shared between groups and individuals instantly and cheaply. The human race in the modern world needs to be updated on information and keep track on events. Research indicates that 67% of people use social networks to keep updated on statuses of other members [5]. With online social networks a profile page for an individual or group can be created where photos can be posted, and information can be shared promptly [3]. For example, a person’s death, an earthquake in an area can be shared instantly to millions of people. Flynn said, "With social networking, a conversation between two or three people can go worldwide in seconds. It crosses demographics, age groups, and technology-savvy industries. It expands your reach and influence in ways not possible before’’[3]. Furthermore, posts from groups such as university groups, business groups or even class groups are common on social networking sites which allow information to be shared instantly with millions of people. [3] Irrespective of the benefits, some could argue that online social networking is not essential to modern life as information on social networking sites may be distracting and false. The false information might be a major issue leading to potential consequences, for example, a false exam time. Nonetheless, social networking remains essential as it allows information to be shared between groups easily and instantly.

Additionally, social networking is essential because it allows people to develop connections all over the world. Friends are one of the most important people in life and this come about by finding people with similar interests and communicating with them. Social network gives an opportunity to let people share their interests with people all over the world and hence individuals with similar interests can search and make connections with international...

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